And the Case for a Second Reconstruction

Before we jump too quickly to bandaging over the gaping, infected wound that afflicts the US body politic in the name of “healing,” we need to think long and hard about what this kind of cheap grace has brought us in the past. (“Cheap grace,” refers to a term coined by Dietrich Bonhoeffer to mean quick forgiveness that papers over misdoing without acknowledging or repairing the harm done.)

Let us first look at two historical cases in which we moved on from serious assaults on our very existence as a democratic nation without a serious reckoning and without holding the…

We Are Still Not out of the Woods

As of today, November 11, 2020, the vote count proceeds calmly and in an orderly fashion. On other fronts, things are not going well and may escalate quickly. I hope I’m wrong.

Just to check my gut instincts against expert predictions and emerging facts, I re-read and analyzed the findings of the Transition Integrity Project in its pre-election report,

I started by comparing the TIP projections with what actually happened and what seems to be unfolding.What I found was that Trump and the Republicans have either already done or are plausibly planning pretty much every strategy predicted or played…

Can we just get over all the ridiculous pontificating about how judges have “judicial philosophies” like “originalism” or “the Constitution as a living document,” that they rely on these supposedly consistent and coherent standards to deliver verdicts and opinions determined by “established law and precedent,” and that this process results in “impartial justice?” If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you.

Judges are politicians, and like other politicians, they enter their profession with ends in mind. These ends may be “liberal” or “conservative.” They may be, but almost never are, radical and transformative. Most often they are…

To fully understand why policing is so persistently violent and resists every attempt to reform it, we have to understand what the real mission of policing is. It is NOT to solve crime or keep anyone but the ruling class safe. If that were their job, crime rates would have some inverse relationship to police presence and money thrown into policing. There is no such correlation. If that were their job, we would not have over half the victims of serious crimes choosing not to report those crimes, either because they prefer some other source of help, they…

It’s not what you’ve been told.

If you are uncomfortable with the demand to defund or abolish the police, if it makes you want to rewrite, reframe, rethink, reimagine or otherwise white-splain it for yourself or others, it may be because you have a mistaken notion about why the police exist.

So I’m just gonna just put it out there. The police do not exist to protect anyone but a tiny, predatory owning class. They are not there to reduce or solve crime or to keep anyone safe. If the undeniable truth that is now staring us all in the face doesn’t convince you, there is…

So you don’t think you can sell “Defund the Police” to your right wing friends. Really?

Come on, get creative. We’ve got all their favorite villains, a huge, expensive, ineffective, TAX FUNDED, out of control GUMMINT AGENCY that can’t be reined in because a powerful PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNION has a death grip on CORRUPT POLITICIANS. Bonus points for the fact that most big cities are controlled by DEMOCRATS. And you can’t make the case? At very least you can light up their colossal hypocrisy. Here you go.

But first, before I launch into this, let’s be clear that there are…

Here’s a thought experiment that attempts to explain why throwing more money at “reforms” won’t work and the only answer is to stop wasting money on a system that is designed to be impervious to reform.

Recruit the best, pay them well and set high standards.

Imagine that we replaced all the cops in the country with PhDs in social work, medicine, mediation, mental health, marriage counseling, conflict resolution, housing, education…well-meaning helping professionals of every stripe. Suppose we paid them excellent, professional salaries and provided them with workplace rules and guidelines based on the highest standards we could find.


Been hearing calls to Disarm, Defund and Disband the police but wonder what it means and what would replace it? Before you react with the usual go-to arguments, here are some resources to get you started on the road to better understanding and the ability to participate helpfully in this conversation.

Step 1. Don’t panic. When people say, “Defund the police,” they don’t mean that overnight the entire system disappears without replacing it with anything. …

No-Sew Facemask from a T-Shirt!

I have removed this story because single-layer t-shirt masks are not as safe as the commercial masks now available, or even double-layer cotton masks. Thanks to everyone who visited my blog to read this and view the videos, and especially to all the volunteer maskmakers who jumped into the gap to provide makeshift protection in the early days of the pandemic. Now, let’s all mask up, observe social distancing, get vaccinated when you can, and let’s defeat this disease together.

Posted 3/30/2020

People are all over the Internet touting all sorts of clever DIY mask hacks, in the hope that it will help protect them from the COVID19 virus. Some recommendations are more dangerous than helpful, so I wanted to provide some practical information that I have gathered that might be of use.

Let me just start by saying I am not a scientist or health care professional. I’m a quilter who jumped into the fray designing and making face-masks because of the current coronavirus crisis. I have been researching, reading studies and learning about the pros and cons of…

Susan Saxe

I’m a lifelong radical activist, intersectional in outlook since back in the day when we just expressed it as the idea that “everything is connected.” It is.

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